10 fruits reduce belly fat effectively

There are plenty of fruits rich in vitamins, low in calories and rich in fiber that can help you lose belly fat effectively.


Cucumber contains so much silicon and sulfur, these are excellent ingredients for kidney, are good for renal excretion and limit the production of fat cells in the body. When you drink cucumber juice, eat raw or cook into many different salads, the juice will help you lose belly fat and skin-care extremely well.



Pineapple is one of the fruits having a secret weapon to create a flat belly. Acid in pineapple can eliminate excess calories. Sweet taste and aroma of pineapple also make you relieve hunger, fill the blank in the stomach quickly. Eating pineapple each day will help you lose belly fat fast and good for the body’s organs.



Avocado is a fruit what is loved by many women and it is also in the top of the useful fruits for the waistline. The content of unsaturated fat will be quickly destroyed and avocado also reduce the harmful kinds of cholesrerol in the body. One important note is that when you processed into vitamins, do not add more milk to have the best efficiency.


Bananas has less fat but rich in potassium, so it provides essential nutrients to the body without worrying about gaining weight, whereas helps weight loss extremely well. Bananas contain norepinephrine that helps resolve fat and prevent fat accumulation process. So you can completely secure when eating bananas to lose weight.


The great point of each peach is not many calories. You can eat delight without worrying about excess fat accumulation in the body. Maximum effective is archived when eaten raw.



Tomatoes are excellent ways to reduce belly fat of Japanese women. Fruits rich in fiber and vitamin C, A will provide low calories and help you reduce 2kg after 1 month. The best is eaten before each meal, or eat 2 raw tomatoes before dinner. You can drink more tomato juice everyday or add tomato into dishes everyday.


Grapefruit is one of the fruits used to lost weight very well and even very fast. You should eat a grapefruit for breakfast or lunch. It will help you consume 800 calories.


If your diet of lose belly fat without apple, it is not be perfect. You absolutely can lose weight after 3 days by apple: only apples and water for 3 servings of your daily diet, not have any other kind of food. You should eat until you think that is enough (eat red apples were washed and peeled). After 3 days, you try to check the weight, you can see the wander.



100 gr of papaya only contains 32 calories. If you eat 100g of papaya before each main meal, you will reduce significant cravings. In addition, papaya contains vitamin B and antioxidants significantly which can help your waistline to be slim quickly.


Coconut’s water is a plentiful source of nutrition, it can promote the metabolism and provides the necessary oxygen to the body. The process of metabolism in the body will take place quickly, balances sugar level in blood and limits your appetite./.

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