7 fashion tips for short girls

Wearing plaid pants, skinny, high heels, using dark powder… will create a sense of longer legs.

1. Choose dark colors

The dark colors not only make you slimmer but also create the body curve and make legs look longer. You should combine high-heeled shoes with a the same color skirt, so people will not detect the begin point and end point of the feet.

2. Plaid fabric 


Pants, skirts … you should choose plaid fabrics, vertical lines will make legs look slimmer and longer. The motif deceives the eyes of the body length and emphasis on legs. Striped pants, pencil skirts, figure hugging designs have a effect extending leg.

3. Wear skinny


This type pants are close and long to the ankle that will make people feel taller. Therefore, you should have one to two hugging jeans in closet to change.

4. Avoid horizontal design

The type pants with horizontal motifs will make short legs look bigger, cumbersome. You should avoid clothes with horizontal motifs.

5. Use powder to create shapes


A way to create effects quickly when dressed is using the copper-brown powder to create shapes. Apply along the legs, from the thigh down to the heels with copper-brown powder, a little darker than skin color, makes legs look slender.

6. Wear high heels:


Choose high heels which can help you add a few centimeters from the normal. Besides, when you are higher, legs also seem to be longer. You should choose the slimming-shoe designs, slight and tapered heels instead of thick sole shoes to avoid hard feelings.

7. Wear high waistband


Do not wear slung waistband if you want to “lengthen” the legs. Pants with waistband higher than waist will highlight the length of the legs./.

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