Improve skin in 7 days to get beautiful skin

To get glowing and healthy skin – beautiful from the inside without having to go the spa or using expensive cosmetics, you have to have a skin care plan follow these steps:

1. Exfoliate

Sometimes, we just focus on the care of the skin that we forget a very important thing in the skincare that is exfoliating. Do not forget to exfoliate 1-2 times / week to help the skin has always been “breathing” to get more nutrients from the skin care products that help skin be soft, smooth, better moisturizing.

You can exfoliate by natural methods that many women are used as mixing oatmeal with milk / yogurt. After 20 minutes, your skin is not only clean but extremely smooth and soft.


2. Wash your face:

Experts recommend that we should just wash your face 2 times / day. If more than 2 times / day, the skin will be dry. Wash your face with cold water to tighten pores, limiting dust and microorganisms from entering the skin. Do not wash your face with warm water, the pores will be dilated, which is one of the causes of acne.

3. Scientific nutrition:

To have beautiful skin, you need scientific nutrition diet: besides fruit and vegetables, you need to increase iron and zinc, minerals and natural proteins such as cereals, meat, salmon, mackerel to have youthful and beautiful skin. However, the effect of each type of fruit and vegetables for the skin is different:

– Vitamin C helps form collagen, prevents wrinkles, helps skin becomes smooth: strawberries, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit lemon, broccoli.
– Vitamin E helps the skin to cope with the sun, antioxidant: eat plenty of seeds and almonds.

4. Drink water

Drink water

The amount of water we need to drink daily are 2 liters of water / day. If we do not drink water regularly, the body will become dehydrated, leading to dry skin. Besides adding water to the body, the drinking water helps to clean the body, remove toxins, push mucus and dirt from the skin surface.

5. Exercise

The aerobic, Yoga exercises not only helps you keep in shape but also provide beautiful and healthy skin. Training is essential for the office girls, it promotes blood circulation, increases oxygen to the skin, reconciles free radicals which has negative impacts on the skin, and carries away waste products from cells.

6. Detox

If you want to have beautiful skin, you need to detox to remove toxins. There are many ways how to detox but the simplest, do not take much time is to drink 1 glass of lemonade with honey as soon as you wake up at the morning. In detox time, you should abstain from alcoholic beverages, sweeteners , salty, greasy, fast food.


7. Avoid sun

In the early morning, before 9 am, you need to sunbathe to help the body synthesize vitamin D. However, after 9 pm, you should limit exposure to the sun because the sun this time with UVA, UVB cause pigmentation , rapidly aging and skin cancer. If you have to go out in the time from 10 -14 p.m, you should carefully shielding by shirt sunscreen, hats, carrying umbrellas and especially to use sunscreen to protect your skin./.

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