Diet for workouts

All women come to the gym have aim to lose weight first. However, weight loss does not mean eating less excercise more. Scientific exercise regime must combine diet with adequate nutrients can bring the best results.

Eating before doing excercise

eat before workouts

The menu before the workout depends on time you do excercise, time to eat.

If you want to practice in the morning, eat some breakfast in liquid as cereals, porridge, fresh milk or fruit juice about 30-60 minutes before exercising. Nutritious breakfast should be eaten after practice.

If you go to the gym in the evening, after finishing work at the office, your menu has more options:

– Lunch: you can eat a full meal, more protein, fiber and fat. Note that “a full meal” should not be eaten near time to practice because it requires more than 4 hours to digest. Fiber, fat are easy to bloating and increased risk of cramps when exercising.

– Meals took place about 3-4 hours before exercising: may include mild dishes such as pasta, bread, lean meat, potatoes, yogurt, fruit, juice.

– Meals took place about 2-3 hours before exercising: bread, pasta, yogurt, fruit, vitamins.

– Meals took place about 1 hour before excercising: fruits (apples, watermelon, peaches, grapes, oranges, bananas …), dark chocolate, green bean soup, fruit juice.

Nearer workout, the menu should be reduced. Because food is only really useful when it has enough time to convert into energy for the body. A big meal before practicing can make you bloating, nausea, slow performance. In addition, ignored snack before exercising can cause hypotension, weak movements and not productivity. Do not worry that the food will break your weight loss plan, because a snack before exercising will increase the ability to burn fat in the body.

Eating after exercising

Water is the first thing that should be added into your body, because in the process of training, the body has lost a significant amount of water through sweat. Normally, every hour of exercise will make consumption of about 1 liter of water. In those days too hot or heavy training regime, weight your body before and after training. For every kilogram of loss, you drink 1.5 liters of water to compensate. Water, mineral water, fruit juice or chocolate milk will replenish the needed water, mineral and sugar for the body. You can also add water during training with small sips of water to keep you hydrated, while easy for burning calories.

Sandwiches, boiled eggs, fruit (apples, bananas) or vegetables salad are suitable for your dishes to implement moderate energies. After about 1-2 hours, you can still have normal breakfast or dinner.

Some foods and drinks are suitable for using after exercising:

– Chocolate milk, fruit juices
– Cheese Bread
– Chicken Sandwich
– Egg bread
– Yogurt
– Rice cake


The most important thing is which your body really wants and suits. After several experiments, each person will recognize what is moderate exercise regime and suitable diet for your body./.

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