Secrets to have beautiful and charm eyes

The eyes are considered the windows of the soul in each person, so how to have a beautiful, healthy and sexy eyes is what women should concern. Here is the secret to be beautiful eyes as you wish.

1. Clean the eye


Keeping your eyes clean is the first factor you need to pay attention. Every day, so hygiene eyes with a light soft towel. The evening after cleansing face is completed, before bedtime you should use lightly salted solution to rinse eyes, so the eyes never being targeted, itching, redness … Makes the eyes look more beautiful every day.

2. Yoga for the eyes

You do not think is is just the body, arms and legs can do yoga movements to enhance health, eyes also have yoga exercises for more subtle, flexible, healthy. Every morning and before going to bed you should have routine eye training with simple exercises but very useful such as:

Focus seeing far and long on one point and looked forward, raised a finger in front of the eyes, take the finger back and forth, glanced the eyes to watched finger passing horizontally (face remains in one position and does not move, just glanced the eyes),

Taking 2 fingers up and down and glanced the eyes up and down vertically.

Then put the left hand, switch to right hand moving in clockwise and counterclockwise circle, looking according to the 2 movements … so that eyes would be acted, it can be more agile and more refined. This exercise also helps the eyes never be tired and sore.


In addition, in meditate movement, keep the body balanced and used two hands rubbed together for up warm then put pressure on the two eyes, rubbed lightly … take 2 hands away from the front and slowly opened your eyes, eyes look wide and length of the open hand … This action helps the eyes massage, heat from the hands makes the eyes beautiful, pleasant and healthy .

3. Make – up for eyes more edgy, seductive


After make up face, you should pay attention to make up eyes matching with the face: a more bushy eyebrows, brown or black thanks to liner, lined eyelids becomes highlight, if join the proms, you also can use liquid eyeliner to add little lines and then polished mascara to have eye looks beautiful, much sexier./.

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