Your personality through favorite nail polish colour

These seemed simple color nail polish, but through them, you can understand your personality and others

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Bright red

nail polish colour

Bright red nail polish is often chosen by those who have open-minded, enthusiastic and sometimes is even more desperate. You say what you think, frankly, but not rude. You attract a lot of new friends and romantic type of guy. The vagaries of personality, sometimes rebellious but  good at looking at life.

Wine red

nail polish colour

Deep and dark, robust and classic, these are the basic characteristics of this color. You are always noble and profound. You want to be recognized as a woman that express. The girls love the elegance, sophistication and class often choosing this polish color to express individuality.


nail polish colour

You are the creator, not the focus of the crowd, but you are full of mystery and excitement. Blue or any blue colors ever-present for serenity, quiet your inner.

Bright yellow

nail polish colour

You are the extroverted, youthful spirit and full of optimism. You want appear attractively at all the festivals and enjoy dancing.

Natural color (Neutral)

nail polish colour

You are a sincere and trustworthy, you be yourself; confident, honest, and not afraid to work hard to achieve your goals.


nail polish colour

You are bold, feminine, strong, and stand out in the crowd

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nail polish colour


nail polish colour

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