5 things before watching ‘Timeless Season 2’

Watching Timeless Season 2 is on the way and here are the vital plots points from the Season 1 finale that you should remember before watching the season 2 premiere.

The Time Team is back! This Sunday, Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy will step back into the mother ship, travelling through time continuing the fight against Rittenhouse in the Season 2 premiere of Timeless.

It has been over a year since the season finale aired and it has been one hell of a journey since. We all know the story; NBC cancelled the show then within days it was uncancelled. It would not be coming back the following TV year, however, which is why it has been over a year since we last saw the team in action.

 And it is a wait I am looking forward to ending. It has been too long in my opinion and I am really looking forward to the return of the series. But, because it has been so long since the finale, I have naturally managed to forget a piece or two about Season 1.

So I went back, watched the season again and here are five things to remember before watching Timeless Season 2.

1. Lucy’s mom

One of the biggest twists in the season finale was learning Lucy’s mom is a big player within Rittenhouse. Nothing alluded to this possibly being the case. In the first episodes of Timeless Lucy mom was sick. After their first mission back in time in the lifeboat, they returned to find the present altered.


Lucy mom was no longer sick but it came at a cost. Lucy’s sister no longer existed. In the season finale, she gets one last chance to go back in time to bring her sister back but before she does so Lucy visits her mom one last time. They have a meaningful heart to heart and Lucy tells her mom everything about the time machine, her sister and how her mom may become sick again. But, in a surprising twist, her mom reveals that it is okay, Rittenhouse would not let that happen.

All is then revealed. She is a member of Rittenhouse, always has been. How this will play out in Season 2 will possibly be revealed in the premiere episode. Promotional images showed Lucy and her mom looking super uncomfortable together.

2. Flynn’s arrest

We last saw Flynn being arrested by Agent Christopher. Lucy set up a meet with Flynn after they worked together to bring down Rittenhouse. During the meetup, Agent Christopher arrives, to the surprise of both Flynn and Lucy. Flynn believes Lucy has set him up and is taken away cursing and screaming.

It has been confirmed that Flynn will return; there was some concern that he may not be returning for Season 2 but thankfully he is back. How will he come back and in what capacity is the big question?

Does Flynn escape prison? Will he make a deal to be free? Does he hold a grudge against Lucy? Will he continue his mission to save his family?

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3. Jiya and her vision

There is a reason why it is only Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy who travel in the lifeboat. Only three people can ever travel at a time and we learned what could happen if more than three travelled. Well, we sort of learned.

When Jiya became passenger number four in the lifeboat she suffered some pretty severe and unexpected side effects. Seizures along with visions of the past. This is a mystery that needs to be unravelled in Season 2.

4. Emma, the Rittenhouse spy

We first met Emma Whitmore in the 1880s. She was the second pilot along with Anthony, who faked her own death and hid in time after receiving threats from Rittenhouse. She joined team Flynn in the mothership after he found her.


It was later revealed that she was not actually Team Flynn, but Team Rittenhouse. As Flynn was being arrested we caught a glimpse of Emma climbing into the mothership, surrounded by dead agents, on behalf of Rittenhouse.

5. Wyatt and Lucy

Wyatt appears to be coming to the acceptance that no matter what he does he will never be able to stop his wife’s murder from happening. After a few failed attempts, one involving preventing the conception of her suspected murderer, he may be moving on.

A future that could involve Lucy. We will see how it evolves next season but it would not surprise me if Wyatt moves on and a relationship forms between him and Lucy.

That’s all of the vital plot points to remember before watching the premiere episode of Timeless Season 2. If you can think of anything you think everyone should remember from Season 1 then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Watching Timeless Season 2 premieres Sunday, March 11th at 10/9c on NBC.

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