10 interesting facts about South Korea

Optical cables are installed nationwide, people are always busy, Playing game is a job … those are the interesting things about South Korea.

South Korea became the first country in the world where the number of credit card users in just 2 years are maximum. Per year, the people here traded about 129.7 plays. Meanwhile, The United States has only 77.9 plays transaction / person / year.


As the first country in the world to be installed optic cables across the country, with 82.7% Korean people access Internet.

Most people around the world go to South Korea for beauty with cosmetic surgery. The advertisements for cosmetic surgery are filled on the street at Gangnam beauty center.


According to data collected by Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the number of working hours in this country up to 44.6 hours / week. Anywhere, anytime in the city, you can see people working.

In Korea, dating and love often are very difficult. It is due to their busy lifestyles. Up to 2,500 medium firms working in this field.


Game Starcraft is very popular in Korea, it is considered as an electronic sport. Therefore proficient in game Starcraft as well as career development in Korea. Countless Starcraft tournaments are held have brought a lot of money for professional gamers.

Training Center of Korean flight attendants is considered the most attractive schools in the world. Flight attendants in the world have come here to learn how to work and behave on the flights.


There are many bosses in companies in Korea invite its employees to the beer, heavy whiskey and soju  restaurants. Therefore, Jinro soju has become world’s best seller for 11 years.


In 100 the best female golfers in the world, Korea has 38 people. Top 10 of the world has four Koreans.

Volcanic clay, fermented soybeans, bowel of snails … are the main raw materials of cosmetic industry in this country. Moreover, South Korea is also a famous market for cosmetics for men./.


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