9 most famous street foods in the world

Meat Pies, Trdelnik Cakes, butter fried cake, fried omelet with egg and sticky rice, sausage Bread, Donner Kebab Bread, Bayby duck eggs, roasted pork, fruit Candy are in top of 11 street foods which is appreciated by the culinary experts around the world.

1. Fruit candy: Belgium

candy Bel

This candy called cuberdon, characterized colors are red or burgundy pink and cone, about 2.5cm long. The candy is made of gum arabic sugar and flavors extracting from fruit, hard shell while inside is a sweet viscous liquid.

2. Baby duck egg: Philippines

Also called Balut, the dish is very popular in the Philippines. The duck inside is very small and not served with herbs.


3. Grilled beef guise leaves: Vietnam

Grilled beef guise leaves is blended from delicious and attractive, the fat taste in beef is marinated spices carefully, combined with distinct aroma of guise leaves. Therefore, if you happened to pass the sidewalk and this taste attracts you, you definitely will not ignore.

beef gruise leaves

4. Doner Kebab Bread: Turkey

This famous bread has now introduced to many countries, soft bread, delicious grilled meat mixed with mayonnaise. All made a very attractive dish.


5. Sausage Bread: US


Although this food is not strange but surely entering the US, enjoying hotdog will be interesting.

6. Fried omelet from egg and sticky rice: Indonesia

This is a very special type of omelet when fried with egg and sticky rice, sprinkled with thin coconut dried shrimp above. Just watched how to make this dish, it can make anyone want to enjoy right.


7. buttered round cake: India


For young people who love sweet taste, Jalebi cake is the cake can not be ignored.

8. Trdelnik Cake: Czech Republic

The cake was dubbed “King of the cakes”, made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt… There are many flavors such as vanilla, green tea, chocolate and coffee…


9. Meat Pancakes: Argentina


Make sure that you’ll love the taste of soft donuts inside and crispy outside of this dish./.

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