10 street foods you should eat when visiting Bangkok, Thailand

Known as a haven for those who love to explore the cuisine. When visiting Bangkok, you just to wander around the streets to enjoy delicious dishes here.

Fizzy drinks and Thai tea

Some drinks such as iced coffee, Thai tea, vitamins or fizzy drinks are sold throughout the streets of Bangkok for visitors. In particular, only from 20-50 bahts that you’ll buy the drinks on XXL size.

Fried quail egg


Simply fried quail eggs are served with a special sauce, delicious taste of this dish makes many visitors can not refuse. Price of a fried quail egg box is about 100 baht.


The popsicles have different shapes, sizes and many flavors such as fruit or chocolate, they are the ideal dishes for you to against the heat of Bangkok. Price is about 80 baht.

 Tube ice cream


Similar to ice cream, tube ice cream is made more simple and cheaper, price is only about 5 baht. Instead of using milk, people use water to make ice cream tubes. Each ice cream is placed in an aluminum tube, embedded in ice boxes to keep cold. There are many different flavors depending on the colors like orange, strawberry, mint, lemon … to choose. You can find this item at the Chatuchak Market or along the streets of Bangkok.

Mochi Ice cream

mochi ice cream

As a variant of mochi, mochi ice cream with thin crust outside and refreshing ice cream inside is extremely attractive. This item is sold at Chatuchak weekend market with price is about 25 baht.

Thai fried rice

Having around 40 baht, you can enjoy a delicious fried rice dish with a full materials in Union Mall. Surely you will never forget the delicious taste of this dish.

Fried egg squid

Fried squid dish is very simple to cook. The first squids are chopped, then coated with flour and then fried crispy, take out when starting cooked and eaten with sauce. You can enjoy this dish at Chatuchak weekend market.

Coconut ice cream

coconut ice cream

Go to Chatuchak weekend market, you will not be able to ignore the coconut ice cream. This ice cream was packed in a half of small coconut and added peanut, fresh coconut and some kinds of jelly.

Fish cake


Fish cakes are scented of curry so it is very actractive. Processed fish then shaped circle and droped it into the pan until cooked, take it out. Pieces of fish are served with sweet and sour chili sauce, attracting many customers. You can enjoy this dish at Pratunam or Chatuchak Market.

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice is a popular dessert dish in Thailand, mango sticky rice dish has major ingredients including ripe mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Thus, dishes has eye-catching color. You can easily find this dish at roadside stalls with prices is between 60-150 baht./.

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