7 Korean dishes for people who do not eat spicy

Bibimbap mixed rice, grilled seafood jogae-gui or  suyuk casseroles are dishes that is not spicy, easy to eat and popular in Korea.



There are many stories about the origin of this mix rice, one of which said that bibimbap is the royal food. However, it became more popular thanks to the new processing style, creating different versions of bibimbap. Nowadays, bibimbap contains rice and vegetables, a little chili sauce. This dish can suit many tastes when discarded chili sauce and replaced with avocado or soy sauce…



This is a Korean dishes set furnished hearty including rice, soups, soup, fish, meat … If you want to try more and more Korean foods at the same time, call han-jeongsik.



Because the Korean peninsula surrounded by 3 side of sea, people here have created a wealth of seafood dishes. However, the dish truly perfect containing seafood flavor is saengseong-hoe (raw fish). Lots of restaurants in Seoul serve this dish but enjoying raw fish of Saengseong-hoe is the best to be at a table facing the sea in a port city like Incheon.



This is the grilled seafood dish, when requiring jogae-gui in the restaurants, you will enjoy many types of clams, oysters and snails. To feel full of delicious seafood, while grilling, you should add salt and be used with alcoholic beverages. The coastal city as Incheon is the most suitable place to eat jogae-gui.


This dish is sliced beef or pork stew. The meat is marinated garlic, ginger and pepper to take tasty then boiling for a long time until attractive flavor.



The noodle uses black soy sauce called chunjang, sauteed with onions, pork or beef and some other materials. Dark brown sauce and sweetness tasty. Jajangmyeong noodle appears frequently and becomes favorite dish of many people because of the convenience, easy and cheap.



Kal-Guksu is a type of pasta cooked in broth of oyster or meat. Potatoes, clams and beef are often added to pasta. Those who want to eat more, try dak-kal-Guksu (chicken noodles) made from a small chicken stews with noodles./.

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