Places will be the hottest in South East Asia

1. Singapore

Lion national island has been renowned as a place to go certainly when you are young. Although the country has a relatively small area but there are many places to explore.


2. PhangNga, Thailand

Is an island located near Phuket, with a green coast. In the future, it will become a destination for many people to visit during their trip. With the wild and the consciousness of environmental protection, the sea here looks very clean and fresh.


3. Dien Bien, Vietnam


Dien Bien is associated with numerous brilliant landmarks of the Vietnam’s history. Nowadays, traveling to Dien Bien is not only to discover natural beauty but also the journey of the relics to relive with history.

5. Myanmar

Myanmar is mysterious and fascinated with beautiful temples and sceneries, with an enchanting appeal. In Myanmar there are primeval forests, majestic mountains, pristine beaches with clear, brilliant heritages, the magnificent and famous temples such as Shwemawdaw Kyaik Pun, mystical wonders “Golden Rock”.

Golden rock

6. Penang, Malaysia


Penang is the most popular tourist island of Asia, west Malaysia. Not only the beautiful landscape, the island was hidden within the cultural character of the local tradition.

7. Ky Co, Vietnam


Ky Co is located almost 25 kilometers from Quy Nhon city, Vietnam, it has a wild beauty. This is place that have not been put into operation in tourism and keeping wild./.

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