Earth’s coldest city

Civil of the city Norilsk, Russia have to subjected to cold weather – 55 degrees C and having two months each year is always dark.

Norilsk is just 400km from the Arctic where temperature background is always below – 10 degrees C. The lowest temperature measured here is – 55 degrees C.


The cold weather in the city of Norilsk lasted more than 9 months per year, and more than 4 months happening snowstorm.


Every year, the city of Norilsk has 2 months to live entirely in the night, a time when each day is in darkness. Therefore, their summer is also in the light but extremely meager.


Cycle of day and night due to the special geographical location (near the Arctic Circle), a major influence on the physical activity and psychological locals.

Located between the territory is 400km from the Arctic Circle, Norilsk traffic is not connect to the rest of the world. At the time of Stalin, the road to Norilsk is known as the “road of death”.


The only connection between Norilsk and the rest of Russia is by water and air. Children here often have to stay indoors for several months each year, they are only allowed out at some special moments.

Because weather conditions are harsh particularly, people spend most of their time in enclosed spaces such as offices, private apartments or cultural, shopping centers and local sports./.


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