Lunar-new-year festivities in Singapore

Chinese New Year is considered to be one of the highlight festivals of the Singapore. On this day, all the neighborhood and especially Chinatown have become vibrant and brilliant red color as a sign for begin of spring.

Lantern Festival

The festival is started by brightly lantern night throughout Chinatown, then spread to other towns. The Lantern Festival often is opened in the middle of January of the calendar to before the day of the first Lunar New Year around 15-20 days. With beautifully decorated, shimmering light, with illuminated images on the walls of buildings along the boulevard in Chinatown, guests will find the atmosphere of an unique festival and feel spring.


In these days, many indigenous people go enjoy the spring with many activities to welcome the New Year. Guests in the world often visit Singapore at this time to learn and participate in the activities of the festival.

Singapore River Hongbao Festival


Singapore River Hongbao has become an annual cultural festival of Singapore started in 1987 and usually is held at the Esplanade Park. Esplanade Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore, The park is decorated ornately and has chains of entertainment for adults and children in festival season.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture through the booths and performed activities. Especially giant statues exhibit like Shen, 12 Zodiac … and impressive performances of the Tibet artists with the unique repertoires. Besides, tourists can enjoy the famous traditional dishes from China …

Chingay Street Festival in Singapore 

Singapore year 001

The Lunar New Year of Singapore is most vibrant when Chingay street festival taking place. The festival usually takes place in the first sarturday of the new year and ends before the full moon in January at Marina Bay. This activity attracts thousands of tourists and local people joined the march on the streets. Join the parade are giant wagons decorated gorgeously, artists in glittering costumes and vibrant performances. With vibrant sounds and images, Chingay parade will offer visitors exciting memories./.

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