Shudder with bizarre tribes

The bizarre customs, the incredible bad practices still are existing in some parts of the world.

Dwarves’ tribe in Indonesia

The inhabitants of the Hobbit tribe living on Flores island (Indonesia) have an average height of 60 cm to 1.2 meters, weighs about 30 kg and has a brain 1/3 compared to a normal person.


But Hobbits have an extremely long life, up to 130 years old. They often live in caves and sustain life primarily by hunting.

“Blind” tribal 

The people living in forests Madre (Mexico), known as “the blind tribal”. When born their eyesight is normal but after about 3 months, their eyes fade and eventually completely blind. This strange phenomenon makes scientists be extremely curious and puzzled. Finally, after the research, they have discovered that this tribe had been bitten in the eyes by a long-tailed insect type and lead to effects seriously on eyesight.


The tribe like to drink blood

Tribal Nyang-ka-tom at Oh-mo basin, northeastern Africa is known for the habit … drinking cow’s blood and sap. This habit stems from nomadic life, mainly based on animal husbandry. The man in the tribe drank cow’s blood to increase energy, maintain patriarchal polygyny (the man is a pillar, monogamy many wives). In addition, the resin is considered purification beverage for the body.


The tribe considering marrying virgin as guilty

The people of Uganda tribes in the African argue that a man marriages girls who remaining virgin is a shameful thing. They said that the “experienced” brides are “sufficient quality”.


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