The cheapest tourist destinations in Asia

Admiring the ancient palaces, temples or sunbathing on the beautiful beach with a reasonable cost, apparently there are no place which can replace the 5 destinations below.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia is known as the land of temples and palaces. Guests will be amazed by the great buildings with intricate carved features at Angkor Wat. This is an architectural complex with hundreds of stone temples, it is recognized as a world cultural heritage and is a tourist destination attracting millions of visitors from around the world. You will forget all your troubles when watching the smile of the Buddha statues.

Angkor wat

Not only is the land of temples, Cambodia also has beautiful beaches like paradise. Sihanoukville is surrounded by small beaches and islands. Sea water here is clean and blue, calm and white sand is the ideal getaway of anyone wants to leave the bustle of the city. Guests will also taste normal dishes but very characteristic of the indigenous people.

2. Laos

You should not ignore the country of elephants with many beautiful landscapes, cheap expenses. Luang Prabang is located between the mountains and Mekong River, sometimes rolling waves, sometimes be calm, it always attracts tourists by the tranquility and natural beauty, unspoiled. The most interesting is to walk in the night market, under the shimmering lights to watch the characteristic handicraft items of this country.

Guests can also move in the long boat, strolling on the Mekong River as well as looking at the untouched terraced fields and experiencing peaceful life of the fishmen.


Dubbed the land of Buddhism, Vientiane has many attractive sights. Pha That Luang tower is covered by gold with 45 meters high main tower standing out from the blue sky. If you like the atmosphere of peace, calm, you should visit the Vang Vieng town where is far from the capital of Vientiane about 150 km. With leaning on mountain – river view terrain, the cool climate is all year round, here is the ideal retreat.

3. Thailand

Thailand is famous for many temples, the biggest shopping malls in Southeast Asia, the festivals, diverse cuisine. Dubbed the “tourist paradise”, Thailand is attractive by excellent services.


With a very reasonable cost, visitors can admire a modern city and bustle of Bangkok or sunbath on the beautiful beaches in Phuket – a beautiful island located south of Thailand, or relax in Pattaya – a popular tourist destination.

This country is also an attractive place for shopping fanatics. Thai food is very cheap, visitors can enjoy the diverse and unique cuisine of this country.

4. Philippines

The capital of Manila is known for beautiful landscapes such as Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. Guests can explore the city on the jeep what was decorated colorful, visit the Bay Walk Avenue or come to Malate street to enjoy outdoor marine foods, the live music disco and impressive bars.


Not far from Manila, Boracay Island is famous tourist destination attracted by the beautiful beaches. Walking on the white sand beaches by barefoot or unleash sunbathing under a long green palm trees are very interesting experiences.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is blessed many beautiful scenery, the country is an indispensable place in the list of the cheapest tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Many landscapes have been recognized as world ‘s natural cultural heritage.


Discover the daily life and culture of the country’s three regions in famous cities like Saigon, Dalat, Danang, Hue and Hanoi capital where visitors can not be ignored./.

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