The interesting things of homestay

Do not need too much preparation for a homestay vacation because you will live like a local, eat with natives, live and join activities with the owner. 

1. What is Homestay Tourism 

Homestay is a ideal type of “green tourism” for young people who love to explore culture in the new land. When traveling homestay, rather than living in hotels or motels, you will be at the house of locals to be able to have a close perspective and a more realistic way about their life and culture. Guests are treated as a member of the family and participate in daily life such as had dinner together and chat with other members. Guests are also required to “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and know how to respect the rules and the certain privacy of the owner.


2. Preparation before the trip

Learn about the customs, traditions and culture where you’re going. This will help a lot to get used to the new environment and in harmony with the indigenous people. you do not need to prepare too much for a homestay vacation because you will live like a local, eat same foods, same houses, living with them. If the vacation in the mountains, in addition to essential items, let’s bring warm clothing because temperatures at night can be very cold. You should also bring some teas, favorite snacks or a book …

3. When in Rome do as the Romans do

adapt to new life

Once selected homestay tourism forms, you will not be able to get the feeling of absolute comfort as being at the hotels, resorts … However, you will get the fun real life experience when directly participating in the activities of the local people. The best way for your trip is to “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and behave as a true locals. When staying with someone you have never known, let’s respect their differences. For example, they are vegetarians, especially Muslims do not eat pork … Limit express your own opinion, please respect them, especially on religious issues. In the dining, each region has a separate characteristic and rule. Maybe you are not familiar dishes but not to get upset or decry, make you happy to accept and adapt to everything.

4. Ask if you do not know

If you have any question or do not know correct ways to do anything, do not hesitate to ask questions with the owner. They are always hospitable, they will certainly respond and help you in the process of being in there. Making the questions also helps you so much and remember to be joyful and comfortable when asking and offering.

5. Be friendly and respect

These are the two most important keywords for visitors who join the homestay. To improve comfort, please be friendly and share with the landlord. However, never intruding on their personal privacy. Always knock when entering the room and use the furniture carefully. That is how to get good comments on your profile on the website. If they complain about your lifestyle, the ability to hire good homestay rooms will be harder in the next time.

homestay (1)

6. Gifts for the landlord

Never join homestay form without carrying a few gifts. Try to make good impressions with homeowners by appropriate souvenir. The best is gifts which express your local culture or your country as special dishes or crafts items. After you return, make occasional contact to the landlord and send a letter of thanks, a few shots … That will make your relationship become better and make good impression if given the opportunity to meet again./.

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