The most unique museums in the world

It’s the museums what were born under the soaring imagination of man. The uniqueness shows museums today are considered not only as a save and display place of artifacts but also an urban concept.

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada)


If seen from a long distance many people will believe that, it’s a spaceship located in the heart of the city. Inaugurated in 6/2007 by the company of Daniel Libeskind architect (Germans) in the project “Royal Ontaria museum Easter”, This building made of glass and aluminum, called “crystal”. With 6 million exhibits, Royal Ontaria is Canada’s largest museum and ranks fifth in North America. Here, people can find the different cultures in the world and natural history through various kinds of fabrics, weapons, tools and Egyptian mummies.

Museum of Rosenthal Contemporary Art Center (USA)

Made of aluminum and concrete on a total area of 25,000 m2, located in Cincinnati, Ohio state, this is the work of Zaha Hadid – the famous British female architect follow Deconstructivism. According to assessment of experts, museum of contemporary arts of Rosenthal expressed inimitable dexterity. This is the most vivid evidence of Zaha to prove that architecture is a highly artistic subject, unfailing source of imagination.


Akron Art Museum (USA)


Main materials of this unique museum are the glass and steel. If you look from above you will find it resembles a giant bird preparing to fly. The building was designed by Coop Hilmelb architect and completed in 2007. It is divided into 3 sections: Crystal room, galleries and vaulted roof.

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum (Spain)


Designed by American architect of Frank Gehry, this is one of the admirable works of contemporary architecture, is hailed as “one of the 10 designs that changed the world”. Shaped like those of a snake curled to sleep, the museum was inaugurated in 1997. It opened a new era in museum architecture and opened up a new direction in the field of tourism. In just the first year of opening, the work has attracted 1.3 million visitors. From this success, many cities in Europe and North America started a strategy to attract tourists by the museum architectural what were built as works of art.

Museum of Modern Art of the Middle East (Arabic)


Modern Art Museum of the Middle East (Dubai – Arabic) is not the same with any kind of  common architecture in this area, it is designed in the style of Arab sailing boat. According to Chairman of the agency responsible for Arts and Culture of Dubai, Mr.Sheikh Majid, “Museum symbolizes dignified, noble and wise of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid king with his strategic vision, in order variable Arab Emirates as a center of multicultural understanding. This will be a place to honor the artists and the art of the Middle East. Museums also stressed the importance of Khor Dubai as a cultural center outside Dubai – a global city”./.

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