The trips for the couples

Here are 20 travel experiences are considered “should do that with your lover”. Whether you are having a lover or not, you should still take note.

Enjoy paradise of love in Maldives

No words can describe the extremely beautiful landscape painting in Malpes.There are “legends” that the couples not have ever been Malpes, they lost half of love. So why not to hold hands in Malpes?

Wake up together in Santorini

Santorini has the famous blue and white houses, along untouched coastlines and romantic sunrise … will make your morning more sweet.


Love on trees

Houses, tents on the trees is one form of tourism which is relatively new but very popular with couples by excitement and romantic experience.

Peacefully together in paradise island Jeju

Inevitably you ever dreamed of visiting this island paradise with your lover once time, right? Fresh and cool air, away from hustle and bustle urban… Jeju’s 1 good choice for those who want to find peace together.

Camping under the starry night sky of Slovakia

camping in slovakia

The hills and valleys in Slovakia is very popular for backpacking, overnight camping experience here is very great. Just think, 2 you can lying together between earth and sky, under the night sky full of starlight, what is more romantic than that?

Take a picture of love in Iceland

Iceland is the country “1m2 has 1 beautiful view”. Hills, mountains, trees, oceans, valleys … Iceland has all, and all are beautiful! Lots of couples chose Iceland to be  where taking wedding photographs or keeping their love moments.

Feel the real happiness in Bhutan

People go to Bhutan to admire the happiest country in the world. So why do not you come to “the happiest place” along your lover? Slow and peaceful pace of life here will help 2 you to understand how are happy.

Driving and sing together on the roads in Brazil

Brazil has the paths under the trees or coastal always attracts visitors annually. Fresh  and bustle air here is very suitable for you to have an interesting, romantic trip with lover.

Release sky lanterns and wish together in Thailand

sky lantern

Anyone visit Thailand without releasing the sky lantern once time is a regret. And in that beautiful moment, the lover nearby, light up  lanterns and release wishes skyward together. That is wonderful.

Having boat trip on the romantic river Venice

veniceIndisputable about the  famous romance in Venice (Italy) – which annually attracts a huge number of couples to visit, just to hug when downstream along the Venice, or sitting on the bank to watch so peacefully life.

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