Tips for saving money when traveling efficiency

There are many of you after every journey always don’t know reason you and your friends were traveling in the same place but you had to spend more money than your friends? The answer is “experience and the spending secret”.

Planning for specific expenditure

Before each trip, you should prepare yourself one notebook and a pen to record what you’ve spent in the end of each day. That will help you know how much you have spend, and recognize what is not needed. Since then, rebalance spending the next day. And remember, do not buy unnecessary things.


Bring utensils and food from home

Prices of some utensils and dishes in the tourist destinations is often very expensive. Therefore, if you should prepare a number of snacks, drinks, fruit, personal belongings. This will help you save a not small expense.

Reduce transport costs

If you intend to travel, please plan “hunting tickets” from 6 months to 1 year in advance. Visit websites or follow facebook of some airlines, ships, boats, … to get discounts, incentives information or attractive vouchers.

You should also book tickets to go on weekdays instead of weekends. Because the tickets on weekends are more expensive than tickets on weekdays.

In addition, direct flights are usually more expensive than tight connections.

Departure at night

Because few people choose travel at night, the fare will slightly cheaper. Furthermore, when traveling at night, you will not lose an additional money to rent inn or hotel before morning trip.

Use public transport or hire a self-drive car

public transport

In some countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UK … public transportation is very developed, popular and very cheap too. They appear in all places so you can go to any tourist destination you want by them. If you do not know “how to use” them, you can online Facebook or forums to get advice and helps of the natives.

Do not stay at hotels

You should stay at affordable guesthouses, homestay or Dom because most of the time you are outside. However, you should also choose the locations near the center and convenient for traveling, meals.

If you still stay at the hotels, you just book the room online at a number of online sites about hotel reservation such as,, …

Do not be afraid to bargain and try to eat street food

Besides the prices in resorts are expensive, every goods is also easy to rise prices when shopping because you are from other places, Oftenly, let’s bargain to be down around 30-50% compared the price that sellers make.

You should also restrict eating in great restaurants that choose the affordable restaurants or try street cuisine.
Do not be afraid to enjoy specialties in the sidewalk food shops./.

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