What does Eastern people give in New Year?

At Chinese New Year, people in some Asian countries celebrate Tet and give each other gifts meaning luck and richness.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, people in different parts of China donated oranges, tangerines when visiting adults. This custom comes from the yellow of the two fruits on symbolize wealth, prosperity in Eastern countries.

The customary citrus donation in Lunar New Year grows by playing with words of ancient Chinese. Accordingly, in Chinese, the word “orange” pronounced almost like “rich” while “mandarin” pronunciation similar to “luck”.

Accordingly, for those newly married young couple is donated two fruits that similar to blessing with having many descendants.

Meanwhile, some of which people often donate elders gift bags containing fruits or biscuits every Lunar New Year.

In Singapore, the parents and relatives who are married often donate lucky money in  red bags for unmarried ones in Lunar New Year. This custom is performed as a lucky wish for singles.

Singaporeans also gave each of the succulent tangerines symbolizing luck. In particular, these gifts must be double because Singaporeans believe that if giving odd, they bring bad things.

For Koreans, in the Chinese New Year, elders in the family will celebrate the age by gold, pearl or a special gift for the younger members of the home.


Accordingly, lucky money represents the wishes of the superior people of success for the descendants of the family./.

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