Guests daredevilly climb the Pyramids in Egypt

A 18-year-old German tourist has just published a clip and photos taken from the top of the Pyramid of Giza and Cairo.


Andrew Ciesielski, 18 year-old from Munich, Germany posted impressive images and a clip recorded from the top Egyptian pyramids on the personal blog page in 25/1.

Accordingly, in the latest trip to Egypt, Ciesielski risked climb 4,500-year-old-Pyramid to get the angles, wide shooting from the top of one of the three places kept the tomb and mummy at Giza.

From the top, Ciesielski took many panoramic pictures of the desert and the pyramids. This action may cause Ciesielski received 3 years in prison.

After the short conquest, the boy was taken to the police station and questioned about illegal action. Local police have questioned and seen the images from the camera of Ciesielski. Initially they wanted to take this visitor to the Embassy of Germany, however, after a while Ciesielski was freed and nothing happened.

Three years ago, a group of Russian tourists was also arrested for climbing to the top of the Pyramid. They tried to evade the attention of security personnels in the area by climbing at night.

Clip of Andrej Ciesielski in the Pyramid:


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